The following faculty on the University of Arkansas campus have expressed interest in gerontology issues. Contact individual faculty members using the contact information below.

Ro Di Brezzo, Kinesiology - Exercise Science

Dr. Di Brezzo is the Vice Provost of Academic Affairs. Currently, she is conducting a longitudinal study to examine the changes in bone density that occur around menopause in women. This study is also examining the impact of exercise and other interventions on menopause and symptoms associated with menopause.

Alishia Ferguson, Social Work

Inza L. Fort, Kinesiology - Exercise Science
Dr. Fort's research focusing on strength training in the elderly to maintain independent living and quality of life.

Michelle Gray, Assistant Professor - Exercise ScienceMichelle Gray, Kinesiology - Exercise Science
Dr. Gray serves as co-director of the Office for Studies on Aging. The aim of Dr. Gray's  research is to increase functional fitness and independence among older adults. She does this through community-based exercise programs focusing on improving muscular power and strength. Currently, Dr. Gray is funded through the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology examining the longitudinal effects of a power and strength (LIFT/HIPP) exercise intervention on treating sarcopenia and osteoporosis among adults over 75 years.

Jean Henry, Community Health Promotion

Barbara B. Shadden, Communication Disorders
As co-director of the Office for Studies on Aging, Dr. Shadden is involved in interdisciplinary research on many topics in collaboration with other faculty on campus. Her individual research focus is communication by/with older adults, discourse characteristics of communication and the psychosocial consequences of stroke/aphasia.